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EPHC Hard-Coated PC Sheet
EPHC Hard-Coated PC Sheet
EPHC Hard-Coated PC Sheet
EPHC Hard-Coated PC Sheet
EPHC Hard-Coated PC Sheet
EPHC Hard-Coated PC Sheet
EPHC Hard-Coated PC Sheet
EPHC Hard-Coated PC Sheet
EPHC Hard-Coated PC Sheet
EPHC Hard-Coated PC Sheet

EPHC Hard-Coated PC Sheet

EPHC Hard-Coated PC Sheet is a type of durable plastic material that is made by applying a tough scratch-resistant coating onto a polycarbonate substrate.

This coating provides protective properties that enhance the overall strength and durability of the sheet, making it capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions, impacts, and extreme temperatures.

Hard-Coated polycarbonate sheets are commonly used in various applications, such as automotive parts, machinery guards and protective windows, etc.

It is necessary to choose different formulations and corresponding models according to the subsequent processing requests.
Product Detail

Hardening Performance Overview:


Pencil Hardness6H5H4H3H2HHFHBB2B3B4B5B6B

Hard-coated PC
Pencil Hardness grade refers to the hardness of the coating surface measured by the international standard test method: ASTM D3363-05 《Standard Test Method for Film Hardness by Pencil Test》. The test includes Mitsubishi pencils and weights corresponding to different hardness level. They are used to simulate the pressure of objects to measure coating hardness.

EPHC PC Sheet Surface Properties:

Surface hardness-FHBFHBASTM-D3363
Wire velvet abrasion resistancetimes2001202000450"0# wire velvet/750g weight
Anti fog----Good
1.Pencil hardness test is performed using a Mitsubishi pencil with a load weight of 750g. There may be some differences due to substrate materials.
2.The wire velvet abrasion resistance test is conducted using 0# wire velvet, with a load weight of 750g, using a reciprocating testing method.

EPHC PC Sheet Performance:

Scratch Resitance
The surface hardness of EPHC PC sheet can reach HB-H.
The sheet can withstand daily use without showing any signs of wear and tear.
Chemical Resistance
EPHC PC sheet have high chemical resistance and can withstand most common chemical agents and solvents. This makes them an ideal choice for use in harsh chemical environments.
Impact resistance
EPHC PC sheet is tough and can withstand impacts and breakage, so they are less likely to crack or chip in high-impact environments.
Good optical quality
The light transmittance and haze of EPHC PC sheet is the same as substrate plastic sheets, which ensuring good visibility.
Dimensions customizable
The EPHC PC sheet can be customized to different thicknesses and sizes according to customers' requests.
Standard size: 1220mm*2440mm
Max width 1500mm Max length 3400mm
Single or Both sides coating
The EPHC PC sheet hardening coating can be applied on single side or both sides based on customers' requests.

EPHC sheet Classification:

Product ModelMaterialDefinitionCold bendThermal bendthermoformingprintabilityfog resistance
EPHC-RH-PPCRegular Hardening××××
EPHC-FH-PFlexible Hardening×


EPHC PC sheets are widely used in industries such as machine guards, electronic screens, 3C electronics, medical device protection, security glazing, rail transportation, and automobile manufacturing. They are mainly used to replace traditional plastic sheets and glass.

Protective windshieldsProtective windshields

Entrance Gate PanelEntrance Gate Panel

Automotive industryAutomotive industry

Electronic Display ScreenElectronic Display Screen

Counter barrierCounter barrier

Railway TransportationRailway Transportation

EPHC sheet Specification:

ModelColorThickness (mm)
Size (mm)









a:Inventory; b:Periodic; c:Customized
1. If you need other thicknesses, lengths and widths, you can contact us for customization.
2. The sheet is covered with double-sided transparent PE protective film.

EPHC PC Sheet Physical properties:

PropertiesUnitsPCTEST METHOD
Specific Gravity-1.21.2GB 1033-70
Tensile StrengthMPa5555GB/T 1040
Tensile ModulusMPa22002200
Izod impact strengthkJ/m2∨ 6∨ 6GB/T 1043
Heat deflection temperature℃-1125125GB/T 1634
Coefficient of linear expansion-6×10-56×10-5GB/T 1036
Heating size change rate-0.50.5GB/T 7413-2018
light transmittance%85-9085-90ASTM D1003 / GB/T 2410
* The above values are a series of test results for a 3.0mm thick sheet.
The mechanical properties are based on the original material parameters, and the results provided here are just for reference.
□ Izod impact strength without notch
∨ Izod impact strength with notch

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