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Anti-Static  PC Sheet
Anti Static PC Sheet,ESD polycarbonate sheet
polycarbonate 5mm sheet
Anti Static PC Sheet,ESD polycarbonate sheet
ESD polycarbonate sheet
Anti Static PC Sheet,ESD polycarbonate sheet
pc panel 10 mm
Anti Static PC Sheet,ESD polycarbonate sheet

Anti-Static PC Sheet

ErPei is a Anti-Static  PC Sheet manufacturer and supplier from China who specializes in producing advanced engineering plastics.The MOQ of Anti-Static  PC sheet is 50 PCS.

Anti-static polycarbonate sheet, also known as electrostatic dissipative (ESD) polycarbonate sheet, is a polycarbonate sheet coated with metal and plastic mixture,the surface resistance is from 10^6 Ohms to 10^8 Ohms that prevents static electricity from being generated on the plastic sheets. Anti-static ESD poly carbonate's coating is permanent and therefore is not affected by humidity and weather. In addition to its anti-static properties, it has superior impact and chemical resistance.

Anti static polycarbonate sheet  is a popular choice in applications for manufacturing and assembly of electronics such as conveyor line covers, room partitions, and other environments where sparks can result in an explosion. ESD polycarbonate sheet also prevents the buildup of contaminants which can cause static charges. The coating that makes the polycarbonate sheeting have electrostatic dissipative properties does not impact the clarity of the plastic making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Product Detail

*Customized Colors and Sizes avaliable for this product
Type Anti-Static PC sheet
Standard Size 1220mm*2440mm actual finished size
Customized sizeWidth:1500 mm max Length: 3400 mm max
Material100% virgin polycarbonate material
Surface Resistivity106- 108 ohms/sq
ColourClear, Opal, Bronze, Green, Yellow, Blue customized color

Anti Static PC Sheet Material Characteristics:

  • Anti-static 10^6 Ohms to 10^8 Ohms

  • Light-weight

  • Excellent clarity

  • Very good chemical resistance

  • High impact resistance

ESD Polycarbonate Sheet Typical Application:

  • Dust-free workshop

  • Conveyor line covers

  • Room partitions

  • Equipment covers

  • Machine guards

  • Enclosures

ESD PC Sheet for Enclosures

ESD PC Sheet for Dust-free workshop

ESD PC Sheet for Equipment covers

ESD PC Sheet for Equipment covers

ESD Polycarbonate Sheet Packing&Delivery:

SampleFree A4 size sheets for testing
Bulk50 or 100 sheets packed in a pallet or a polywood box as customers' requirements
Leadtime3-7 working days for sample orders
15-30 working days for bulk orders
Container Load20GP Container: 20 TONS
40GP Container: 24 TONS

Anti-Static PC Sheet supplier

customized Anti-Static PC Sheet

ESD PC Sheet supplier

Our Company:

ErPei is a manufacturer and supplier who specializes in producing advanced engineering plastics. Such as Abrasion-Resistant Polycarbonate sheets, Anti-Static PC sheets, Hardcoat Mirror PC sheets, Acoustic Barrier Acrylic sheets, 6m pc panel,etc.

Choose Us, Choose Reliable Quality And Service:

Professional and experienced team not only supply high quality ESD polycarbonate sheet, but also provide good service. "Service in Seconds, Quotes in Minutes, Delivery in Days" conception as our action guide. We've always been cooperated well with our respected partners, we believe that we can also work well with new customers.


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