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PC Tubes&Rods
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PC Tubes&Rods
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PC Tubes&Rods
polycarbonate tubes&Rods
PC Tubes&Rods

PC Tubes&Rods

Machine Grade polycarbonate rods is a semi-transparent thermoplastic that exhibits extraordinary impact resistance and excellent electrical properties. In addition, its low moisture absorption rate and good chemical resistance make it an extremely versatile engineering material and allows for its use in a multitude of industrial applications.

Product Detail

*Customized Colors and Sizes avaliable for this product
TypeDiameter (mm)Length (mm)GradeWorking Temperature
PC Rods6-100mm3000mmMachine Grade-40------+120 ℃
*Customized Colors and Sizes avaliable for this product
TypeOuter Diameter (mm)Inside Diameter (mm)Wall Thickness (mm)Length (mm)
PC Tubes9.6-100mm6.4-96mm1.6 mm / 3.2 mm3000mm
Standard Color

Polycarbonate Rods Features:

Optical Clarity
Excellent Impact Resistance
Good Dimensional Stability
Excellent Heat Resistance
Good Chemical Resistance
Low Moisture Absorbtion
Can be machined, drilled, cut and sawed
Easily joined with solvents or adhesive

Polycarbonate Rods Typical Application:

  • Equipment enclosures

  • High voltage switches

  • High temp windows

  • Instrument gauge covers

  • Lenses and sight glasses

  • Thermal insulation


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