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EPAG  Anti-Glare PC Sheet
EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet
EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet
EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet
EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet
EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet
EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet

EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet

"Glare" is an undesirable lighting phenomenon. When the brightness of the light source is extremely high or the brightnessdifference between the background and the center of the field of view is large, "glare" will occur. When the eyes see "glare", they will feel dazzling, produce dizzy reaction, make people feel uncomfortable, and even can't see clearly, which will affect the health of eyesight. EPAG anti-glare sheet is coated with nano-scale anti-glare layer on the surface of optical grade PC board/PMMA board, so that the reflected light can flash evenly, avoiding surface reflection and ghosting caused by reflected light, thereby improving the display effect of the screen, to reduce the interference of light on the vision, and also has the function of dispersing light sources.
Product Detail

EPAG Performance Overview:

ClassifictionCar DisplayPAD panellaptop panelReader panelIndustrial control/education large screenPhone back cover
ClassifictionPhone back coverIndustrial control/education large screenReader panellaptop panelPAD panelCar Display
Gloss (Gu)
60° angle test
During the use of electronic display screens and advertising display screens, ambient light will have a certain impact on the display effect of the screen, which will interfere with the recognition and clarity of the visual audience.
Especially in an environment with strong light and strong light contrast, it is necessary to solve the problem of reflection on the display screen, commonly known as anti-reflection.

EPAG PC Sheet Performance:

Optical quality appearance
EPAG anti-glare sheet adopts optical grade PC sheet substrate, process surface treatment in1000 class cleanroom, which effectively avoiding impurities, black spots, stains and other problems on the sheet, and avoiding problems due to uneven coating thickness caused the rainbow problem. The sheet is double-sided with film, no quality issues such as scratches, dents, and scratches.
Touch smoother (paper-like touch)
EPAG anti-glare sheet, strictly control the surface roughness and wear resistance, the roughness Ra is controlled at about 1.3μm, suitable for powder writing, meanwhile making the touch smoother and more durable.
High resolution
EPAG anti-glare sheet can be customized with different light transmittance and haze according to requirements to effectively protect higher picture clarity. The surface of the product has finer graininess, lower roughness, and improved surface mprove the sharpness of the surface, improve the screen resolution, and make the image clearer.
Process parameter stability
EPAG anti-glare sheet uses micro-nano structure formula through surface coating process to change the original optical composition of the surface of the sheet, the gloss, reflectivity and light transmittance have strong stability and evenness. Strictly control technical parameters to minimize parameter tolerances.
Parameters: haze tolerance ±1%, gloss tolerance ±1Gu, light transmittance tolerance ±1%.
Low reflection, reduced glare, safer
EPAG anti-glare sheet has a reflection rate of only about 1%, effectively reducing the surface gloss and visual interference of ambient light (reflected light), making light softer and healthier.
Expand the visual angle
Nano-AG coating on the surface of EPAG anti-glare sheet can effectively reduce the reflectivity and make the reflected light more uniform.
Effectively expand the display angle and make the viewing range wider.

Expand the visual angle

Expand the visual angle

Remarkable experience
1. No reflection, the picture is clearer, and the visual angle of the picture is wider.
2. The touch feels better.
3. No fingerprints after. touching.

EPAG structure and application principles:

EPAG structure and application principles

EPAG structure and application principles

EPAG structure and application principles

EPAG structure and application principles

EPAG structure and application principles

In the structure of electronic screens, if there is a certain distance between the LCD screen and the outer screen, the internal screen will produce a light spot effect caused by reflective light. At the same time, ambient light can also cause light and shadow phenomena outside the screen, affecting the clarity and viewing angle of the screen.
Therefore, according to the actual structure of the product, different AG anti-glare sheets need to be selected, including single-sided anti-glare and double-sided anti-glare.


MODELCOLORthickness (mm)
size (mm)
a:Inventory b:Periodic c:Customized
1.If you need other thicknesses, lengths and widths, you can contact us for customization.
2.The sheet is covered with double-sided transparent PE protective film.


Industrial control/terminal display screens: ATM screens, terminal equipment screens
Advertising display screens: LED advertising display screens, lightbox advertising screens
3C electronic screens: PAD screens, phone cases, e-reader screens, electronic touch screens
Automotive/dashboards: car displays, dashboard panels, construction vehicle operation screens
Exhibition/signage/panels: signs, advertising panels, picture frame panels, QR code cards

EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet ApplicationCar dashboard panel

Charging-pile-screen.jpgCharging pile screen

EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet ApplicationElectric touch screen

EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet ApplicationE-reader screen

EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet ApplicationInteractive whiteboard

EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet ApplicationLaptop screen cover

EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet ApplicationLaptop screen guard

EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet ApplicationPad screens

EPAG Anti-Glare PC Sheet ApplicationAnti-glare light panel

EPAG PC Sheet Physical properties:

PropertiesUnitsPCTEST METHOD
Specific Gravity-1.21.2GB 1033-70
Light transmittance%9090ASTM D1003/GB/T 2410
Roughnessμm0.50.8500g pressure
Pencil hardness-HHGB T 9286-1998
Adhesion-5B5BGB/T 7413-2018
Tensile strengthMPa5555GB/T 1040
Tensile modulusMPa22002200
Izod impact strengthkJ/m2∨ 6∨ 6GB/T 1043
Heat deflection temperature℃-1125125GB/T 1634
Coefficient-6×10-56×10-5GB/T 1036
Rate of heat dimensional change-0.50.5GB/T 7413-2018
Flame retardant grade-V2V2UL94
* The values above are a series of test results for some 2.0 mm thick sheets. The results provided here are just for reference.
□ Izod impact strength without notch.
∨ Izod impact strength with notch

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