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EPHC Hard-Coated PC Sheet is a type of durable plastic material that is made by applying a tough scratch-resistant coating onto a polycarbonate substrate.

This coating provides protective properties that enhance the overall strength and durability of the sheet, making it capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions, impacts, and extreme temperatures.

Hard-Coated polycarbonate sheets are commonly used in various applications, such as automotive parts, machinery guards and protective windows, etc.

It is necessary to choose different formulations and corresponding models according to the subsequent processing requests.
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"Anti-static sheet, also known as electrostatic dissipative (ESD) sheet, is a polycarbonate sheet coated with metal and plastic mixture, the surface resistance is from 10^6 Ohms to 10^8 Ohms that prevents static electricity from being generated on the plastic sheets."

Anti-static coating is permanent and therefore is not affected by humidity and weather. In addition to its anti-static properties, it has superior impact and chemical resistance.

EPESD PC sheet is a popular choice in applications for manufacturing and assembly of electronics such as conveyor line covers, room partitions, and other environments where sparks can result in an explosion.
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"Glare" is an undesirable lighting phenomenon. When the brightness of the light source is extremely high or the brightnessdifference between the background and the center of the field of view is large, "glare" will occur. When the eyes see "glare", they will feel dazzling, produce dizzy reaction, make people feel uncomfortable, and even can't see clearly, which will affect the health of eyesight. EPAG anti-glare sheet is coated with nano-scale anti-glare layer on the surface of optical grade PC board/PMMA board, so that the reflected light can flash evenly, avoiding surface reflection and ghosting caused by reflected light, thereby improving the display effect of the screen, to reduce the interference of light on the vision, and also has the function of dispersing light sources.
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