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EPESD Anti-Static PC Sheet
EPESD Anti-Static PC Sheet
EPESD Anti-Static PC Sheet
EPESD Anti-Static PC Sheet
EPESD Anti-Static PC Sheet
EPESD Anti-Static PC Sheet

EPESD Anti-Static PC Sheet

"Anti-static sheet, also known as electrostatic dissipative (ESD) sheet, is a polycarbonate sheet coated with metal and plastic mixture, the surface resistance is from 10^6 Ohms to 10^8 Ohms that prevents static electricity from being generated on the plastic sheets."

Anti-static coating is permanent and therefore is not affected by humidity and weather. In addition to its anti-static properties, it has superior impact and chemical resistance.

EPESD PC sheet is a popular choice in applications for manufacturing and assembly of electronics such as conveyor line covers, room partitions, and other environments where sparks can result in an explosion.
Product Detail

Electrical Performance Overview:

ClassifictionElectrostatic shielding materialElectrostatic conductive materialStatic Dissipative MaterialLow electrification materialInsulation material
Resistance (Ω)10^1---10^210^4---10^510^6---10^810^1010^12---10^14
When static electricity is generated on the surface of equipment due to various reasons, the static-dissipative function of the materials prevents the accumulation of static electricity charges at a certain point or area, reducing the amount of static charge per unit area and increasing the distributed capacitance to the ground, thus reducing the potential of static electricity and preventing static discharge.

Electrical performance:

Surface resistivityΩ/□1015 or above105-109105-109ASTM D257-14
Volume resistivityΩ·m1016 or above1017-10181017-1018ASTM D257-14
Saturation charge voltageV3000below 100below 100
Half-lifesecLong timeless than 1sless than 1s
Apply a voltage of 10000V for 30 seconds, and then measure the charge voltage and decay time with an electrostatic voltmeter.
The distance from the electrode to the sample for voltage application is 20 mm.
The edges and processed surfaces of EPESD electrostatic dissipative sheets do not have electrostatic dissipative properties.

EPESD PC Sheet Performance:

Excellent static dissipative properties
The surface resistivity is 10^6-10^8Ω/□, which has good electrostatic dissipation effect. It is not affected by temperature and humidity, and the sheet retains its original properties.
Easy to keep Clean
Because it eliminates static buildup, EPESD PC sheet helps to reduce the accumulation of dust and debris on the surface, making it easier to keep clean.
EPESD PC sheet is up to 200 times stronger and more durable than glass, while also being half the weight of glass
Good optical quality
The light transmittance and haze of EPESD PC sheet is the same as substrate plastic sheet, which ensuring good visibility.
Dimensions customizable
The EPESD PC sheet can be customized to different thicknesses and sizes according to customers' requests.
Standard size: 1220mm*2440mm.
Max width 1500mm Max length 3400mm.

EPESD PC Sheet Classification:

ModelMaterialTimelinessCold bendThermal bendingThermoformingCNC
EPESD1311PC2-3 years×××
EPESD13222-4 years××
EPESD1511above 5 years×××
EPESD1566above 5 years
EPESD2311PMMA2-3 years×××
EPESD2511above 5 years×*
Remarks: The follow-up processing performance of the product is not absolute, and often depends on the specific processing technology and debugging. The above table is only for selection reference.


EPESD sheets are widely used in the construction of cleanrooms for industries such as electrical semiconductors, optical displays, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and in the protection of clean equipment, partitioning and windows of dust-free rooms, electronic equipment enclosures, inspection fixtures, and other environments that require strict cleanliness requirements.

Cleanroom constructionCleanroom construction

Equipment guardsEquipment guards

Room partitionsRoom partitions

Medical equipmentMedical equipment

EPESD sheet Specification:

MoodelColorthickness (mm)
size (mm)











a:Inventory b:Periodic c:Customized
1.If you need other thicknesses, lengths and widths, you can contact us for customization.
2.The sheet is covered with double-sided transparent PE protective film.

Physical properties:

PropertiesUnitsPCTEST METHOD
Specific Gravity-1.21.2GB 1033-70
Tensile StrengthMPa5555GB/T 1040
Tensile ModulusMPa22002200
Cantilever beam impact strengthkJ/m2∨ 6∨ 6GB/T 1043
Heat deflection temperature℃-1125125GB/T 1634
Coefficient of linear expansion-6×10-56×10-5GB/T 1036
Heating size change rate-0.50.5GB/T 7413-2018
light transmittance%85-9085-90ASTM D1003/GB/T 2410
* The above values are a series of test results for a 3.0mm thick sheet.
The mechanical properties are based on the original material parameters, and the results provided here are just for reference.
□ Cantilever beam unnotched impact
∨ Cantilever beam notched impact

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